Community Arts @Ayuda

Our community arts program is centered on providing high-quality arts education to youth and their families in North Philadelphia through the cultivation of a safe space to explore various artistic mediums and positively progress spiritually

We develop relationships on three levels:

  • After School Arts (Pre-K – 8th Grade): We believe that integrating creative arts into our After School programs encourages students to learn about new forms of expression and theories in art education. It is also a great chance to nurture and develop creativity, curiosity, and positive relationships.
  • Youth (ages 10-18): Our Youth Art Courses offered in the fall and spring provide art training and mentor relationships for the youth in our community.
  • Adults: Adult Art Workshops provide art exposure and creative skill building for adults. These workshops also provide some “time away” to do creative work together as neighbors. ┬áThese art-based workshops focus on building resiliency in individuals before they get to the point of being addicted or struggling with behavioral disorders.

To learn more about Community Arts, contact Janira Bremner at okadirector@gmail.com or 215-329-3888.

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